Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting ready for the fair

Copied from OFB website
Last year was my first time to enter anything in the fair. I had thought about it but since the fair starts on Labor Day, it is at the end of my busiest time of year. I barely have time to pay attention, much less sew. Since I did win best in the show, I felt it necessary to enter again. 

This year I have a lofty goal. I want to get ready for SAGA and I want to be ready for classes with Jeannie Baumeister. I have 4 UFOs from SAGA conventions and I plan to finish two of them. The other 2 are hand sewn and I would have to finish them on the machine to get done... one has a ton of feather stitching and hem work. Not happening in a 3 week span.

copied from SouthernMatriarch
So what am I planning on entering? One is Jeannie's Snail Shirring Bonnet. I have to attach the shirred eyelet and do the embroidery.

I also have a daygown from a class in Atlanta.  My table mate Martha finished hers shortly after she got home.  Mine has been in various stages of completion. (Could have been I was late getting into class the first day) I had hoped to finish it last year, but I really think this year is the year.

I also want to make at least one wee care gown.  I am thinking a teeny tiny one.  We shall see. 

Now off to find my #10 sharps....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sew 12

While trying to find blog posts with pictures about quilt market, I ran across a blog with a fabulous idea.  It is a 12 step program of sorts for tired sewists.  For 12 months, for 12 days, I will sew 1 hour.  We all know that sewing that one hour will do us good.  It will make us want to sew another hour.  I am going to pledge to do it.  I figure hand sewing on my quilt will be a start.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quilt Market Envy

This week is International Quilt Market in Minneapolis.  I was able to go to Houston Quilt Market in October and have been envious of all the lucky stiffs people who are attending.

Just a few pics from Houston to make you realize what you are missing as well.

This is a pic from my favorite booth.  Yes, they had tons of buttons... tons.  Unfortunately for me they were located across the aisle from the booth where I was working.

I wish I were there too. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ever wonder...

Okay so what goes through ones mind to make them think... I think I will save all these selvedges and make a dress.  Not just any dress mind you.  A knock your socks off dress.  Wowser! 

I have seen all sorts of things made of selvedges lately.  I might have to save a few of mine and try my hand at making something with them. 

Not a dress mind you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Snowing, flowers and even more flowers

I am the worst blogger ever. I accept that award. Partly due to a friend thinking if you blog, you must post pics and I rarely have them at the time I am inspired to blog.
Today I have pics though. It is snowing, it is May, I am officially over the snow. I took a few pics of my flowers as I hope they are okay. I love daffodils. They remind me of my maternal grandmother. Mammaw had hundreds, no thousands of daffodils. She had some varieties that I have only seen in her yard. I moved a lot of bulbs from her house to my yard when I was living in Mississippi. I sure would love to have some of them here. I planted 200 bulbs at my house one year. The walk from my deck to the lake was gorgeous in spring.

Gail Doane is coming in a few weeks to teach a class here at the lodge. I am so excited!! She is going to be teaching a darling outfit with embroidery. So more flowers ... even if there is snow.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Those commercial guys

This afternoon while Rick and I were planning my move, a guy walks into the store and asks if 'that equipment outside' is mine. Confused I asked if he meant the Bobcat. Yes, he was specifically interested in the snowblower attachment. We had a conversation about the equipment and found he was here to direct a commercial for Kia. They were wanting a snow covered road and snow in the trees.

Well, there is not any snow in the trees as it last snowed 2 weeks ago. Discussion was held about using the Bobcat to produce snow in the trees. How long it would take, how much snow... etc etc. So Rick gets in the Bobcat to show them how it works and explain that currently they are not going to get the look they want with the hard snow we have on the ground. They leave... wondering what to do next, but not without tipping us for our time.

Just so you know ... this is a picture of a Bobcat like mine, with the blower attachment working. It was too dark today and I did not have the camera ready for pics!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The rest of my life..

Since I rarely get to sew, I decided I would start posting about the rest of my life. You know the part about I get to shovel snow, the replacing a stove, the multiple 2 hour drive trips to Home Depot in one week, the boring things...

I am moving soon, so my window on the world will look entirely different soon. I am going to get a larger sewing room, just one that is not attached to the rest of residence that I live in at the moment.

So I will leave you with a pic of what occupies my time and energy...