Monday, December 28, 2009

The rest of my life..

Since I rarely get to sew, I decided I would start posting about the rest of my life. You know the part about I get to shovel snow, the replacing a stove, the multiple 2 hour drive trips to Home Depot in one week, the boring things...

I am moving soon, so my window on the world will look entirely different soon. I am going to get a larger sewing room, just one that is not attached to the rest of residence that I live in at the moment.

So I will leave you with a pic of what occupies my time and energy...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bareroots Quilt camp 2009

I am a few weeks behind in posting this, but I do have another life you know...

So once again it was Quilt Camp in June Lake. Or as Barri likes to call it, that sewing thing she does. This year there were 2 sessions. I was signed up for the second session. I forgot to take pics the first day but thought I would kinda walk you through the second day with pictures.

Day One we worked on June Lake Quilt 3. This being the 3rd year and since we are so original, the name is as well. The kits were filled with 30 different Lucien prints. I love the colors and really hope to get it finished... one day. Hey, my other two are done, just not sent off to be quilted yet.

Day Two started off with me leaving the lodge after getting a cup of coffee. The view of Carson Peak was breath taking as usual.

So we arrive at camp (otherwise known as the June Lake Community Center) at 8:30 AM to start sewing. This is a pic of the table at the front of the room with the kits for the
days quilt. It is the primitive Christmas one on the wall. Barri is showing someone the
back of the June Lake Quilt 3.

So we get our kits and start cutting our strips. At this point I should tell you that I had helped Barri cut and put together kits so I already had mine and had traced off all my designs.

As I sat down to the table, I was pleasantly greeted with my new machine cover and my matching tote bag. The bag was made by my dear friend Pam at SewGracious I used it for SAGA last year and had no real plans for this matching fabric when I bought it. I do love the cover.

Yes that is yesterdays kit... time to put away as we have no need to finish that quilt today. Can you say UFO???

The fun thing about camp is that they feed you. Fresh fruit in the morning with muffins but today was a treat... freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Yummy!

That is my outline for my letter C. I only did it and H and decided I better sew. Barri and her sister Cheri designed this quilt. Cheri taught most of the class and has a very laid back style of sewing. She does not like seam rippers and there are no right or wrong ways to do things... yours is only different. We laughed several times about me doing this embroidery first and tracing first etc. I promised her that it would not be a problem.

Not a problem at all really. Now if you cannot see at first glance, I have sewn the blocks upside down. Cheri's solution was to just retrace the designs later. Mine was to use the seam ripper and sew them back correctly. We laughed.... and laughed.

Sewing straight seams for days does get oh .... boring? And trying to figure out which plaid/design to put where .... challenging. But alas, it does turn out pretty.

Barri had wonderful help in the kitchen by her husband and family. They made us several salads for dinner with a variation on quiche and for desert... CAKE Pops. Yummmyyy.

The pic shows them in the kitchen getting the cake pops made while we slaved over sewing machines. I think they were having as much fun as we were... not sure.

Here we are all slaving and smelling wonderful food... it did entice us to sew faster!

Great friends, good food, sewing for 2 days without having to cook... WONDERFUL. And all in my backyard. Cannot really get much better than this. Sigh....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My morning mug

Well today did not quite go as planned. The plan was to sew... but after having coffee, I had to dig my car out so that I could find the drive with the bob cat.

I did get a good bit of the OFB gown put together yesterday. Still lots to do, but I am plugging away. I like it in spite of the errors I have made. I mean how many people will actually pay attention to the fact that a section of lace is wrong side up? I will not submit this one for judging.

Now for more coffee.... want a cup???

Monday, March 2, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever award goes to...

ME!! I know, I have been behind in my duties to keep you all informed of my life or lack of one. I actually took pics of my mantal to post at Christmas both at the lodge and at the house... did not post. Took a pic of the cutest blonde haired, blue eyed boy to ever call me Gigi on Christmas day.... did not post. Took pics of a coat I cut out as I was doing it to post... did not post.

So as I sit and stitch bullions in color 120 on an Old Fashioned Baby gown, (Thanks Martha) I decided to post.

I am dreaming Christening gowns as it will be my next project. While it will be made of imperial batiste as the mom does not iron, I do have a nice stash of laces to use. I plan to use some of the lace I used on a first communion dress I made a few years ago.