Thursday, March 5, 2009

My morning mug

Well today did not quite go as planned. The plan was to sew... but after having coffee, I had to dig my car out so that I could find the drive with the bob cat.

I did get a good bit of the OFB gown put together yesterday. Still lots to do, but I am plugging away. I like it in spite of the errors I have made. I mean how many people will actually pay attention to the fact that a section of lace is wrong side up? I will not submit this one for judging.

Now for more coffee.... want a cup???

Monday, March 2, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever award goes to...

ME!! I know, I have been behind in my duties to keep you all informed of my life or lack of one. I actually took pics of my mantal to post at Christmas both at the lodge and at the house... did not post. Took a pic of the cutest blonde haired, blue eyed boy to ever call me Gigi on Christmas day.... did not post. Took pics of a coat I cut out as I was doing it to post... did not post.

So as I sit and stitch bullions in color 120 on an Old Fashioned Baby gown, (Thanks Martha) I decided to post.

I am dreaming Christening gowns as it will be my next project. While it will be made of imperial batiste as the mom does not iron, I do have a nice stash of laces to use. I plan to use some of the lace I used on a first communion dress I made a few years ago.