Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting ready for the fair

Copied from OFB website
Last year was my first time to enter anything in the fair. I had thought about it but since the fair starts on Labor Day, it is at the end of my busiest time of year. I barely have time to pay attention, much less sew. Since I did win best in the show, I felt it necessary to enter again. 

This year I have a lofty goal. I want to get ready for SAGA and I want to be ready for classes with Jeannie Baumeister. I have 4 UFOs from SAGA conventions and I plan to finish two of them. The other 2 are hand sewn and I would have to finish them on the machine to get done... one has a ton of feather stitching and hem work. Not happening in a 3 week span.

copied from SouthernMatriarch
So what am I planning on entering? One is Jeannie's Snail Shirring Bonnet. I have to attach the shirred eyelet and do the embroidery.

I also have a daygown from a class in Atlanta.  My table mate Martha finished hers shortly after she got home.  Mine has been in various stages of completion. (Could have been I was late getting into class the first day) I had hoped to finish it last year, but I really think this year is the year.

I also want to make at least one wee care gown.  I am thinking a teeny tiny one.  We shall see. 

Now off to find my #10 sharps....