Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bookworm Award

Now this is really funny... or at least to me.  

My 'friend' Martha at gave me this award.  The rules are simple.

1.  Pick up the closest book you can lay your hand on. 
2.  Turn to page 56. 
3.  Find the 5th sentence.
4.  type out that sentence in your blog post
5 (and here is where I will fail) Pass it on to five people. 

Okay... so on the trunk that acts as a table in front of the slipper sofa at the end of my bed (got that?) lay the book... Love the one you're with by Emily Giffin  .. it is fiction.  I know because otherwise it would be really funny.  

so page 56, There is nothing more satisfying that capturing that one, perfect image.  

BTW, great book.  I love all of her books.  She also looks like the blonde on Lipstick Jungle.  

Now to find 5 more readers of my blog so I can bug them to do this... NOT!  

Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to my world!

I decided I would join the world of bloggers.  About time you might say... but then it is getting to be that time of year where the snow starts flying and life gets a tad slower.  

This is the view from my bedroom window a month ago.  The leaves have fallen off the trees, the snow is gone from the pines for the moment.  I hope to change this view every time the view changes.  I wish this was the view from the sewing room, but it looks out on the street.  

Sew, welcome to my world.  My place on the internet.  I had a hard time thinking of keeping a blog devoted to sewing, so you might get a little fishing on the side... or snow removal... or how to cope with a child with aspergers or .. just pictures of my grandson.  Remember, it is my world and I am glad you visited!