Monday, January 4, 2010

Those commercial guys

This afternoon while Rick and I were planning my move, a guy walks into the store and asks if 'that equipment outside' is mine. Confused I asked if he meant the Bobcat. Yes, he was specifically interested in the snowblower attachment. We had a conversation about the equipment and found he was here to direct a commercial for Kia. They were wanting a snow covered road and snow in the trees.

Well, there is not any snow in the trees as it last snowed 2 weeks ago. Discussion was held about using the Bobcat to produce snow in the trees. How long it would take, how much snow... etc etc. So Rick gets in the Bobcat to show them how it works and explain that currently they are not going to get the look they want with the hard snow we have on the ground. They leave... wondering what to do next, but not without tipping us for our time.

Just so you know ... this is a picture of a Bobcat like mine, with the blower attachment working. It was too dark today and I did not have the camera ready for pics!