Monday, May 10, 2010

Snowing, flowers and even more flowers

I am the worst blogger ever. I accept that award. Partly due to a friend thinking if you blog, you must post pics and I rarely have them at the time I am inspired to blog.
Today I have pics though. It is snowing, it is May, I am officially over the snow. I took a few pics of my flowers as I hope they are okay. I love daffodils. They remind me of my maternal grandmother. Mammaw had hundreds, no thousands of daffodils. She had some varieties that I have only seen in her yard. I moved a lot of bulbs from her house to my yard when I was living in Mississippi. I sure would love to have some of them here. I planted 200 bulbs at my house one year. The walk from my deck to the lake was gorgeous in spring.

Gail Doane is coming in a few weeks to teach a class here at the lodge. I am so excited!! She is going to be teaching a darling outfit with embroidery. So more flowers ... even if there is snow.